Applicant engagement during the offered and yet to join period is a game changer!

1. We do not need to emphasize more on keeping the offered applicant engaged and build on company branding during that final leg of position closure. You can now automate this final piece and be at peace 🙂

How to do that? To configure the Pre-joining engagement notifications, go to Settings>Company Preferences>Notifications. Search for “pre-joining engagement”

  • Click on the notification displayed and mark your preferences on each of the key.

Once your preferences are set, leave it to the system to auto-send the engagement emails to your offered applicants.

  • Additionally, you can configure your own notification by editing the standard templates.

2. We have quite a few enhancements to make your life simpler! Marking the standard requisition form fields as mandatory or optional is now possible. 

Go to Settings>General Settings>Requisition Form Fields

The mandatory fields will appear with an asterix. Hiring managers will now provide you the required information without fail 🙂

3. Requisition approval page shows the total number of days that the approver took to approve a requisition.

4. You can now create sections/headings to list the approval information under a specific heading to highlight them to approvers. 

Go to Settings>Company Preferences>Notifications

We’ll be back with more updates in the next release. 

For any questions on how it works and details our Customer Success team will be happy to set up a call with you and help.

Happy Recruiting!!