10 Questions You Should Always Ask About Applicant Tracking System Before Buying It

As promised, I am back with an insight into what questions you should ask before you go shopping for an Applicant Tracking System or ATS. Once you have decided that you want to change over to recruitment software, don’t rush to buy the first software that you see. So what do you need to do?

Here are 10 questions that you should ask an ATS vendor before you buy one.

1. How Does Your Pricing Work?

ATS Pricing

Software, as we know, is not a one-time cost and hiring software is no different. With companies on a budget, pricing becomes an important aspect of buying an ATS software. There is no common ground when it comes to ATS pricing. With 95% of applicant tracking systems being cloud-based, pricing is usually based on per-user, per-month or on a total employee size criteria. Feature plans add to the cost. So higher the volume and higher the number of features required, higher will be the cost. The win-win situation for you, as a buyer, should come from value-added services given by the ATS seller – for instance, if they also provide security, servers, back-ups, and uptime, you have a winner who is bound to make your hiring system very efficient.

2. Does Your ATS Allow Social Media/Job Portal Integration With The Sites Of My Choice?

ATS Integration

The next BIG question after the price. At the end of the day, the ATS has to bring in candidates – that is what’s its main task is, isn’t it? Most hiring software offers proficiency in one or the other social media sites or a chosen few job portals. But that is not going to help you. Ask the vendor if their ATS allows job portal and social media integration with your favorite sites. Go for one that has the capability to integrate with job portals of your choice.

3. What Reporting Features Are There In Your ATS?

ATS Reporting and analytics

Efficiency is the end result of having an ATS work for you. This can happen only if the ATS has robust analytics and reporting tools. Does it allow your recruiters to pull needed numbers and reports so that you know where your hiring strategy needs to make improvements? Invest in an ATS that has analytics and reporting as it USP. That’s half the battle won in your quest for an efficient recruiting/hiring system – any day!

4. How User-Friendly Is Your ATS?

User friendly ATS

Don’t ever let this important question get lost in the excitement about the features that you are getting from the ATS. Most often that demo that you saw is not going to look as easy when you want your team to learn it. A recruitment software should be easy to learn and use for both your candidates and your recruiters for you to make the most of it.

5. How Much Of My Hiring Process Can I Expect To Be Automated By Your ATS?

ATS Automation

Well, isn’t it why you are actually thinking of buying an ATS. Automating the tedious processes associated with hiring should be a key factor when you go shopping. Ideally, the automation shouldn’t be just restricted to collecting resumes from portals. A stellar ATS should act a coordinator between candidates and the hiring team and should automate the process from job requisition to candidate appointment related tasks.

6. Would You Customize The ATS For Me – Maybe Remove A Few Features, Add A Few New Ones?

ATS customization

This question is very crucial. Most run-of-the-mill hiring software would have a few features that you may need and many others that you may not need and would leave you frustrated. The key would be to understand your requirements and ask the vendor for a combination of features of your choice. Of course, it would be at an extra cost, but it would be a value-addition.

7. Would you Upgrade The ATS For Me, As My Business And Needs Grow?

Upgrade ATS

I absolutely love this question and is connected to #6. 5 years down, your business would have grown and so would have your hiring needs. Instead of looking for a new ATS at every stage of your growth, you might as well as go for one that grows in with your requirements.

8. What Is The Quality Of Support That You Offer Once I Buy Your Software?

Customer Support

Support is essential – sooner or later you might be needing it – be it with issues, if any, or training. In fact, most of the support is required at the implementation stage. Make sure your vendor is at hand to provide prompt support – either in person or online or via call.

9. Is There Anything That Your ATS Can’t Do For My Hiring System?

pros and cons of ATS

Better safe than sorry later. Another way would be to reframe the question as to the strength of the features that are provided to you. Some vendors will be in a position to provide you with many features, but they may not be robust or well-developed.

10. Can You Provide A Customer Reference?

Customer reference

It is easy to get confused when you need to pick up one from a whole lot of vendors. Ask for a customer reference with whom you can connect to understand the ATS, its working, hiccups, etc.

Asking these questions can help you determine the ATS that best fits your requirements.

Should you need to ask these questions to us at MyNextHire, you are welcome to do so. Just for the record, our ATS makes a great hiring partner.

Till you decide – Happy Recruiting!

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