Searching profiles from the talent pool is simpler!

1. Search talent pool for CVs is further simplified and is searchable with boolean search, requisition ID, “reached at least till” step and more such filters.

2. Switching between open requisitions and requisitions with other status (on hold, archived, draft etc) is now much simpler. Just choose from a dropdown filter instead of going to the left side menu!

3. Drives tracker now has insights at the drive level. You can now check the drive attendance, rejections etc.

4. Admin users will be able to optionally force recruiters to either select or deselect staffing partners in group so no individual staffing partner gets a preferential treatment.

5. Interviewers now have one more option as part of their recommendation. They can either say “yes” and add a comment about what to do next OR they can say “yes and move the applicant forward in the process”. It means, more accountability to the interviewers and one less coordination step for recruiters!

For any questions and details our Customer Success team will be happy to help.

Happy Recruiting!!