Your ATS is not worth it if it can’t get you a seat at the boardroom

As we discussed in our last blog, talent is your value proposition!

 While HR does many more things, talent acquisition and its development is what truly differentiate the company in the competitive landscape. It also drives the company performance and success.

 Hence, unless you have talent acquisition strategy that links business performance to talent acquisition and retention, you will continue to be looked at as a cost center!

Do you agree to the fact that developing the talent you have in the company and acquiring new talent as required is your main value proposition?

If yes, then you will realize that there are many critical components of putting your strategy together!

May be you have figured out how to define the employer brand, the kind of candidates you hire, way of approaching them, recruiting team and applicant tracking process.

 But still, can you rely on spreadsheets or older expensive applicant tracking systems to implement your strategy?

Three key outcomes you will need to ensure to establish your credentials as a business leader (not a cost center) in the company are Deliver talent efficiently (efficiency), Deliver a wow experience to everyone involved in the process (experience), Empower yourself with insights so you can answer any business question, anytime, anywhere (empowerment).

Does your current ATS help you to achieve all these outcomes so that you can confidently sit at the boardroom table?

Any ATS that clearly demonstrates its ability to help you deliver great talent with 3 E’s (Efficiency, Experience and Empowerment) will help you with following 7 Feature Groups. Hopefully, it serves as a checklist in deciding where your ATS stands on the value promise it must make!

A modern applicant tracking system allows you to :

1. Configure your own process so that you take your company go fully digital in weeks

It is hard to imagine in 2019 if your company is not asking you to go digital for all internal processes including hiring process. Going digital requires two critical things- implement a system that allows you to configure your process and be able to generate insights from the system that are actionable and useful.

Ideally, a good ATS should allow you to configure your own process as is so that you can quickly move through the implementation phase in a matter of 2-6 weeks at the most. 

2. Automate repetitive tasks using smart BOTs to speed up the process & increase accuracy

A mature process will give you opportunities to automate what is repetitive, boring and prone to human errors. We, as a community have now evolved and a new generation recruiter would find it very demotivating to do tasks that do not require a human attention.

Seeking requisition approvals, publishing jobs on your careers pages  acknowledging applicants as soon as they apply, sending regular updates about how they are making progress through the process, searching for matching keywords in their CVs, sending interview reminders, generating offer letters, collecting documents- these tasks are way too easy and mechanical if you are a recruiter with modern thinking.

Are you doing any of the above or similar tasks yourselves manually?

If yes, then you seriously have to give your entire recruitment process a second thought.

3. Do your work through user friendly and intuitive features so that you achieve near 100% adoption by users

Complexity is not hard to achieve. It is the simplicity that one has to work for.

In my personal opinion, if there is ONE THING I would ask for in an ATS (as long as it provides me with a comprehensive features) is intuitive and user friendly features.

It is not uncommon for some applications to over-use animations, jazzy colors, cram information so no white space is left on any page! Most people love these applications in the sales demos but bang their head afterwards while using such a system! Isn’t it just overwhelming?

You must use a system that is decluttered, simple to self-learn if you care to ensure adoption without making it mandatory in the organization!

4. View valuable analytics at every step of the way so that you get faster decisions and lesser bottlenecks

Most people would stop at going paperless and think that they’ve gone digital. It is nothing but computerization of the process!

There are only a handful of ATSs that will help you implant analytics at every step of the process so that users have constant decision support as they work on their tasks. It creates a data driven culture, brings objectivity in all decisions, gives confidence to users to make faster decisions and also leaves you with enough data to analyze and debottleneck the process.

5. Get readymade operational reports so that you don’t have to run around to collect data & put it together manually

When was the last time you had all the data you needed to put together your weekly, monthly reports? Probably never!

It is very difficult to maintain discipline in the team to make sure that every data which is required to produce regular management reports is available when you need it, in the format that you require. Many a times, you may also have to look into spreadsheets, dig through emails to be able to put together the reports.

Almost every company, also has a dedicated MIS team just to do that! It’s high time for us to use that talent to actually spot trends and add subjective commentary on top of the underlying report rather than wasting their talent and importantly your talent acquisition budget on something that your ATS should do out of box!

6. Combine with your existing HRMS so that other teams can pull onboarding information automatically

Having a good ATS will take care all the user groups like recruiters, approvers, hiring managers, interviewers, applicants, consultants etc. But, if your ATS doesn’t provide a smooth, simple and less expensive way to integrate with your existing HRMS system, you might be leaving another important user group behind.

Now a days with latest technology, it has become very easy to merge two systems through Restful API based interfaces and you should consider demanding it to ensure that you have the entire end to end workflow go fully digital!

7. Be hosted on world’s best cloud infrastructure with highest standards of safety so that you can focus on recruiting

Nothing would beat this one! It is wise to expect and ask for highest standards of safety for your ATS cloud so you never have to worry about legal or technical challenges along the way. You want to focus on recruiting and not on IT issues at any point in time!

This should actually be non-negotiable for a company of any size, small or big in today’s world!

After reading this, you are may be thinking an ATS is all about technical features.

Absolutely not!

You definitely want to work with people behind the tool so you can connect well with them at the intellectual and values level. A good dedicated team that is aspires to build a great ATS, is continuously innovating and cares for your success is invaluable!

Look around! You might be in for a pleasant surprise, you never know!

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