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ATS Solutions Be Like!

Customer Success

Suppose you use a water purifier of some particular brand. It has been giving you trouble for a few days. You have called the customer service already so that someone can fix it as soon as possible. But it has been 3 days, nobody paid a visit to your home. 

Would you like to continue with the same brand ever again if this happens? Absolutely not!

What if the same happens to your ATS? You can miss out on valuable candidates and the right talent for one ATS failure easily!

In today’s blog, I am going to tell you what aspects of the customer success team makes or breaks a good ATS. Before I do that, make sure you hit the subscribe button to know about our latest updates every week!

According to professional mentalist Amit Kalantri- “Customer loves certainty. Make sure you give it to them.” When it comes to the customer service of any product, we look for a durable, certain and trustable one. 

Is your ATS’s customer success team able enough to provide the same? 

Is your ATS’s customer success team eligible enough to be called your ATS Solution Team?

You can only find out if you stick to the following pointers!

Knows The Product Inside Out:

ATS Solutions are not always very simple. And to give you a proper solution, the customer service executive you are dealing with, should have in-depth knowledge about the product.

Also, they should have a proper idea about your entire recruitment process too to help you out in a better way.

The proper ATS Solutions come out of a team is how quickly they can find out what the user needs and direct them there while having enough time to tackle with more difficult queries.

The best way to find out the efficiency of your ATS Solution team? Simple! Prepare a series of FAQs after attending the demo. If they can answer it all, you have already got the one you dreamt of!

Takes Care Of The Tech Savviness Of The User:

You have a team built with people who are expert with all recruitment strategies. 

But, all of them might not have a good sense of technology.

Clearing a browser’s cache can be a simple task for some people and a big hurdle for others. 

The customer service team should be able to find out a users’ tech level and provide a different level of support. Sometimes that means committing to google a relevant guide to help the less tech-savvy users.

Has your ATS been doing that for you?

Knows Their Users:

One of the key metrics of a successful business is retention. No one does this better than the customer service team.

 From recalling previous chats to informing solved bugs reported by users, customer service strengthens the relationship between the users and their ATS solutions. 

This is also a key factor in winning the hearts of long-term users. Everyone prefers purchasing from vendors who remember their name and preferences.

If your ATS Solution team is not being able to recall the previous issue you were facing, then maybe it’s time to think of a better option.

How Are They Informing You When There Is A Bug:

Whenever your ATS is not working, you easily conclude that it’s a bad product. 

Let’s face this, software do have bugs. This is a hard truth only people building the software can relate to.

So if you are looking for a bug-free ATS, it probably doesn’t exist.

But the main part of ATS Solution is, how the customer service team is handling it.

Are They being clear?

 A good customer success team shouldn’t hide a bug or say that it’s something else. They will acknowledge it and thank the users for finding it.

Are They Realistic?

If they are saying that the bug will be fixed in a few hours and it is not happening, it is quite obvious for you to lose your trust.

 If there is no clear estimated time of arrival (ETA) from the product team, the customer success team should explain what they will do next to keep the users in the loop.

Are They Empathetic? 

Who likes a customer success team which states only facts that any chatbot can do anyway?

When you are interacting with a human being and explaining your problems, you will always like to have a human touch to it. Isn’t it?

An ATS Solution Team which deals with your issues with consideration and humor (if appropriate), should be the team you are looking for!

Knows How To Get The Proper Informations And Tell The Developers:

When users report a problem, any ATS’s customer service would follow a three-step process: Test, confirm and inform the developers.

A problem will only pass the test phase if it can be reproduced. A problem will only pass the confirmation phase if customer service can get all the necessary data to help debug it. Only then developers will get involved so that they just need to focus on fixing the problem.

This process is crucial for keeping everyone sane. A mess between users, customer service, and developers would only drag the whole team in a long and painful agony.

It’s your ATS Solution team’s job to gather every piece of information from you to put on the developer’s plate. If there is a fuss in that, it’s their responsibility to get you connected to the developer so that there is no misunderstanding.

Is your ATS Solution Team doing it in a proper way?

Lastly, you should always remember one very important thing. Every ATS falls under the category of Software-as-a-Service (Saas) product. With the word “service” in the definition, they are bound to provide you world-class customer service. 

Like one of our clients said about MyNextHire lately- “I called a customer service executive of MyNextHire to report a problem. The same was fixed within an hour or so.”

Do you want to see how we make it happen? Schedule a demo with us then!