8 Golden Rules To Choose The Right Application Tracking System For Your Company

Applicant Tracking System. A very common word in the modern era of Data-Driven Hiring process.

By now you understand how an ATS enables handling of our recruitment needs from anywhere & at anytime.

But, there is one confusion.

While so many Applicant Tracking Systems are  available online, how is it possible for you to know which ATS will be suitable to handle your recruitment process?

You may think that the function of an ATS is limited to Data Mining and collection.

So how can you find the right ATS for your organization?

If you have the clarity and ask the right questions to yourself. It will be a piece of cake for you to select the right ATS.

Here are 8 questions you need to ask yourself  before you choose an Applicant Tracking System for your company.

1.   What Kind Of Company Are You?

In the ATS field, there are three profiles for their users: enterprise, staffing, and small/medium business.

Every company has unique requirements when it comes to recruitment. Understanding the business requirements of your company is important to determine which system will serve your organization’s need best.

While many vendors will commit to you to try and fit their solutions in every situation, many of the current systems fall short in term of providing organizations with the modern method of creating effective recruiting practices.

You should keep one thing in mind, just because everyone else is running behind one particular ATS, that doesn’t mean you need that particular one for your company too.

Most importantly, try to find out if the vendor is willing to work with you to clearly understand your requirements and to provide a developed recruiting platform with good ATS or not.

2.   Is the ATS user-friendly & intuitive?

ATS provides you with a facility to automate the entire recruitment process with a defined workflow.

But, it is your talent acquisition team who manages the process while your ATS being a sidekick.

If your ATS comes with a lot of fancy features which are complicated enough to give your talent acquisition team a hard time understanding them, it’s simply of no use.

Your ATS should be easy to set up, intuitive, and should require minimal maintenance.

While buying an ATS, you can ask the vendor some questions about the features after analyzing and discussing with the talent acquisition team about their requirements.

You should clear out your every doubt before buying the ATS. Not after buying it.

Your team should be able to use the system with minimum training. This will save you a huge amount of time and money. Also, your team will get lots of benefits out of the system making the investment worthwhile.

3. Does it provide a good Candidate Experience?

You tend to end up losing  several good candidates if they have a frustrating experience because of a less-than-perfect. Costing you more than you imagined in opportunity costs.

This is easily overlooked but one of the most important factors which need to be taken into consideration while you decide to glue an ATS to your recruitment process.

You need to check with your vendor about the number of clicks, slow performances, procedures of updating CV, auto-reply, and notifications.

A poorly designed system that makes the candidate go through various unnecessary steps to create a profile and enter redundant information which contributes to bad user experience.

This is the most important factor which reflects your employer branding too, and your ATS will be responsible for most of it if you are using one.

4. Does it allow you to tap into the vast potential of social media?

You are already aware of the fact that the top talent you are looking for to fill up your open position are mostly hanging out on various social platforms for networking job opportunities and much other reason.

Now, ask your vendor about their social networking and job posting capabilities. Most of the Applicant Tracking Systems have made a great stride in this field in recent years. You just need to figure out the one you are going for is capable of doing it or not.

Modern-day recruitment is completely ineffective and inefficient if it does not utilize social networking and the power of social media.

You will be surprised to know, if your company is lesser known, it can gain better candidate visibility just by using social media.

5. Is it using a good search engine?

This is hard to believe, but you will come across Applicant Tracking Systems with poor search qualities.

If your ATS is not being able to manage your applicant funnel with an ability of quick and easy search, screen and filter through the large number of applications your company is receiving, then it’s of no use.

A good applicant traffic system must provide quick, easy searches which will be displayed in a logical format and are easy to understand.

While buying and ATS, try and learn to know the type of search engine it has and how does it work. Also, make sure you have multiple testers to perform actual searches on a live system.

6. How quickly it can integrate?

You might, and you will have to integrate your ATS to some other platform in order to make the best of it.

It is normal for every company to integrate their ATS to their own website so that applicants can visit their website 1st and can apply through the ATS.

But larger companies like to integrate their ATS with HRIs and other in hour systems.

You need to check how quickly your ATS can integrate into your existing systems when required. Also, try to find out if the vendor can provide customized integration according to your requirements.

7. What is the quality of its Customer Support system?

While using an ATS usability, downtime and performance issues can be crippling.

Hence, customer support plays an important role here.

If your ATS is providing a 24/7 customer support which is poor, you can’t get much benefitted by it.

Check with your vendor about the working hours of customer support, the layers of the technical support team.

Also, check for the customer satisfaction ratings for your deeper understanding of honest and independent reviews.

8. Does it allow to choose your Cloud over IT?

Once you go for ATS automation, there are two ways to handle the entire system.

Either your vendor maintains and updates the system (Software as a service), or your company’s IT department takes over.

At first, you need to decide which one you will like to go for.

Our suggestion is, until or unless you have a very good team of IT professional who can handle your ATS devotedly, go for a product which is updated and maintained by your vendor regularly.

In that case, you can hold them accountable and you won’t have to deal with overextended internal IT resources.

Well, quite a lot to take care of, isn’t it?

Start imprinting these points in your brain, because once these all are taken care of, you know your ATS is ready to improve your employer branding in front of candidates.

And all you have to do after that is just to sit back and relax while getting the right candidates walking in.

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