Learning through Play

Yeah! The excitement is contagious. It is so every time we have a continuous learning session but this time there is that zing in the air. We are to do a radio play as an activity. Wondering what our continuous learning session has to do with a radio play? Let’s get to the activity and I will be able to explain better.

Bhushan and Yogita led this week’s activity and they made it unique for us. For those who are wondering what radio plays are here we go. Radio plays are theatrical performances that are well, purely auditory. They are usually performed on the radio and involves voice modulations to convey the emotion and performances (apart from sound effects and music) to convey the story.

Remember, how we used to have story-telling lessons back in school? We would be given an outline and we had to elaborate the story. Bhushan and Yogita did the same thing, but with words. They gave us a few words and we had to make a storyline and present it as a play. These words were:

  1. Gain Knowledge
  2. KPI
  3. Interview
  4. Boss
  5. Trip
  6. Ha Ha Experience
  7. Uff…Ye internet
  8. I could never say
  9. I wish I could have
  10. Memorable day

For Bhushan and Yogita the main reason to pick up this activity was to improve everyone’s presentation and storytelling (and through that convincing) skills. Yogita was curious to know how the team would relate to the keywords that were given as the base. Plus, she wanted to bring out things and talent from each one of us.

We made teams. Divided ourselves into 2 teams. With some quick thinking, we made up a storyline and started presenting the play.

Astha, Sakshi, Blessy, Yogita Heena, Prajakta, Laxmi, Monali(let’s call them Team #1) scripted their play and named it “HR Bani Candidate.” Vivek, Avinash, Abhilash, Jahir, Sayli, Pritam (Team #2) who made the other team named their play “Hiring a Chief Minister” (pretty apt given the political situation in the state).

Both Team #1 and #2 did their best. They used the 20 minutes to rigorously create, plan it out as a play but left some of the aspects to the team members. So there was a lot of impromptu things to do for the character of the play. That meant everybody was on their toes with thinking and giving out the best performance.

Team #2 did better. Not that Team #1 didn’t put out a worthy fight. They did. However, laughter and comedy won the day – Team #2 made sure their play was airtight with a humorous script. It made the day for everyone.

It is really difficult when you have to convey all your expressions and emotions through your voice, but we did it. For all of us (because the activity was new), it was a learning experience. From voice modulation, to being creative with the script there were loads to do. The most difficult was the voice modulation and getting the emotions and expressions correct. There were many insights to share but sharing just a few here. Yogita shared how she felt the difference in the plays. Their opponents who made sure that everyone in their team has something to do compared to their play where the central character had more to emote than others in the team (no equal distribution of roles).

Prajakta was one person who wanted to contribute more than the role that was given to her. Lakshmi helped her by exchanging her role with Prajakta (exactly, what teamwork is all about – camaraderie).

Astha was excited and felt quite adventurous with the creativity that was involved. Pritam was quick to point out how they aptly went for the political vein from discussions they have during break hours (talk about impromptu creativity). He is one observant guy who got into the skin of the character. He was playing a farmer and understood that a farmer would only know the local language and started speaking in Marathi.

Vivek shared his 3 learnings and it made sense. The first was to be courageous and sign up for the opportunities at the first go and not pass it onto others. The second one was about role play. Usually, we would oversimplify when it comes to others’ role and overcomplicate when it comes to ours. Role-plays helped us understand others better. The third learning was teamwork and the best chance we give to ourselves to deliver the best is teamwork.

We absolutely loved this activity – something so unique that gave us a lot of insight into some things that we had never thought about.

Yogita and Bhushan, can we please have this activity once more?

Yeah! Once more! Once more! Once more!

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