6 Key Skills Which Defines A Successful Recruiter

In today’s corporate world, there is a high demand for true talent who will be able to make the company’s base strong.

But most of the recruiters lack when it comes to the implement part in order to delivering talent.

A great and successful recruiter can be a valuable asset for any company. But, in order to take charge of recruitment process, you need to have a specific set of recruitment skills.

Wondering about what they are?

Let’s check out!

1.   Building up an employer brand:

Finding top talent in today’s competitive world is really tough. The number of open positions are much higher than the number of job applicants. Hence, it is quite obvious that the candidates won’t rush to any company. This is the reason why we compare recruitment with sales. In both of the scenarios, if you are not focusing on proper branding and marketing, you can miss out on lot of people.

In order to create an employer brand and market it properly, you need to have a good understanding about the company. Once you are there, you can easily use social media platforms as your marketing tool or even become a mouthpiece of creating employer brand.

2.  Streamlines the hiring process with Technology

In today’s world, using technology doesn’t mean keeping the candidate database in an excel sheet anymore.

A successful recruiter would know how to handle the chaos of so many resumes and job applications and make the entire recruitment process simple with the use of a modern recruiting software.

When the technology is offering you something which can automate, streamline and improve different stages of your hiring system, you don’t really need to put your head much into lame and mechanical works, isn’t it?

3. . Should be data driven:

There are a lot of ways in which using data-driven recruiting could improve your hiring process.

You can improve the process efficiency by cutting out unnecessary interviews. This will end up decreasing time to hire  and lower associated costs.

Or, you could use the knowledge of where each good hire came from to optimize your sourcing channels.

With a traditional recruitment  process, you’ll end up interviewing countless unqualified candidates, wasting both your time and resources.

With a Data-Driven approach, however, you can make the entire process significantly easier, more efficient and in the end, cost-effective.

Data-driven decision-making cuts out most of the uncertainties within your selection process, allowing you to be more confident in your decisions.

So instead of making hiring decisions based on a resume and a candidate’s likeability, you can actually leave that part on your ATS to help you to make a data-driven analysis.

This way you can actually decide on someone’s skills, culture/personality fit and many more variables.

4.   Tracking down the right candidates:

In between so many applicants’ job application and resume, you might loose your track of focusing on the right candidates. Here again, an Applicant Tracking System can be your perfect sidekick to do all these tiring jobs for you.

Not only it tracks down the right candidates, it helps you to publish your job advertisement in different job portals and streamline your entire hiring process.

5.  Approachable and communicative:

At the starting point of our career, we all must have faced a situation. When recruiters have called us frantically, built us up and set us up to interview, only to never reach back to us again.

Trust me, the candidates you are reaching out hate this attitude as much as we hated it back then.

This is a point where technology can’t be much of a help. You need to think yourself in their shoes and communicate with them accordingly. It doesn’t take a lot of time to give them a follow up call or drop a mail to notify them about the status of interview.

It makes you more approachable to the candidate. Also, since you are the communication point between the candidate and the company, it creates a good impact on your company’s image too.

6.   Good Listener:

A recruiter has to listen first, and talk later. Not only it gives you a better understanding about the candidate, it helps you to take proper decision too.

There are situations when you need to be tactful and nothing helps it more than listening to the candidate properly and understanding his/her mindset.

There are recruiters who  run their traps to no end. It’s kind of annoying.

Whereas, recruiters must possess the uncanny ability to listen and take a proper job order.

Do you think you are up to the mark with each points mentioned below?

If yes, then congrats!

You are already on the same page with us.

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